My Car Broke Down and No One’s Around!

We drive down the freeway an often don’t even think about our vehicle having problems, until we see someone in the breakdown lane with the flashers on.  What do we do then?

Do we:

  • Call 911 or the emergency number posted on the road?
  • Drive by without doing anything?
  • Stop to help?

On most freeways on Interstate Highways, stopping to help is not recommended and is sometimes prohibited.  Also, it may not be safe to stop, so if we are motivated to do anything, it’s usually to call the emergency number and report the location and type of emergency or breakdown.

What if we are not on a freeway or Interstate and WE have a vehicle problem?  What if it’s in a rural or remote area with no cell coverage and no signs of civilization?  What if we get stuck in snow, or the road ahead is closed due to washouts or landslides?  We sit and wait.

Rural New England

Don't expect help any time soon!

Since we may be there for a while, it’s essential to have an auto emergency kit in our vehicle.  This will provide us with the tools needed to show that we need assistance, such as an emergency triangle to put near the vehicle, as well as basic tools like a tow rope, jumper cables, ice scrapers, work gloves and a multi-tool knife.  Since we don’t know when help will come, we also have an emergency blanket, poncho, first aid kit, and even water proof matches in case we need to leave the vehicle and build a fire.

Auto emergency kits are essential for our safety and comfort for those times we hope will never happen, when our vehicle breaks down.

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