2 Person Emergency Kit


A well-deigned emergency kit has everything needed for safety and relative comfort packaged in one bag or backpack.

A 2 person emergency kit has everything needed to sustain two people for three days, or 72 hours.  That’s why these kits are sometimes referred to as 72 hour kits.

Shelter from the elements and retaining body heat are the most important considerations.  The kits will contain rain gear, a tent and blankets.  Usually there will be some prepackaged heat source and matches, as well as an emergency preparedness guide, basic tools, work gloves, and mask.

Food for emergency and water are provided in packs sufficient to sustain 2  persons for 72 hours.  Typical food is concentrated high energy bars to be parsed out in three meals per day per person.  This helps maintain consistent energy levels.  Food is paired with water in pouches, one for each meal.  Food & water packs typically have a 5 year shelf life.

Water purification tablets are often included, enabling use of water from the environment with protection from pathogens.

Light and communication are essentials.  A flashlight and batteries, plus light sticks and a radio and batteries are provided.

A first aid kit is sized to meet the needs of 2 person.

A 2 person emergency kit is great insurance against emergency and disaster events.

You never know when mayhem will strike and you need to be ready!



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