We’re Home, So We’re Safe, Right??

Not necessarily!

We all feel safe at home, and most of the time we are.  But there are natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and weather events like fires, floods tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards which can threaten our safety.

When one of these happens, could we:

  • lose power for one or more days?
  • be without fresh water?
  • be unable to leave our home to shop?
  • have no heat?
  • find it necessary to evacuate to places unknown on short notice?
  • evacuate to a safer place only to find we can’t get there at all, or not as quickly as hoped?

For all of these possible reasons and more, we need to be prepared at home for any emergency or disaster that could disrupt utilities and essential services or damage our home.

A disaster kit for home will help us prepare so we can stay safe at home while the services are restored, or be ready to leave at a moment’s notice with essentials for safety and survival.  This type of kit is also called a survival kit, and provides not only food, water, first aid, weather protection, but also shelter in the form of a tent and emergency blanket and sleeping bag, and means to cut wood and build a fire.

No one wants to leave home in a disaster unless absolutely necessary.  A disaster kit for home like the one shown below can help a family of four stay at home if conditions permit, and also keep them safe if they must leave.

DisasterKit for Home - 4 Person


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