Emergency Backpack


Many emergency kits, or emergency go kits as they are sometimes called are packaged for easy hands-free carrying in a backpack.  Hence, the name emergency backpack is often applied to them regardless of their specific contents and intended use.

Some contain earthquake emergency supplies, others are severe weather kits, others are survivor emergency kits, or carry other names like emergency response kits.  Each kit has been carefully designed to optimize the contents to be better suited for the specified emergency than for others, even though may of the contents across the various kits might be similar or identical.

The common item in many of them is the backpack.  This the term emergency back pack is very broad and all encompassing.

Here is an example of an emergency backpack designed as a survivor emergency kit.

1 Person Survivor Emergency Kit & Supplies:
Organization Backpack 1
3-in-1 Emergency Light 1
8 Hour Light stick 1
Folding Stove (with 8 Fuel Tablets) 1
Waterproof/Windproof Matches (box of 24) 1
Weather Protection
           Emergency Sleeping Bag 1
           Emergency  Poncho 1
           Body Warmers 1
           Tube Tent 1
           Emergency Candles 5
Food and Water
          3600 Calorie Food Bar 1
          Water Pouches 6
          Water Purification Tablets 50
          Lexan Bottle (1L) 1
Multi-tool Knife 1
5-in-1 Survival Whistle 1
50 ft Rope 1
Work Gloves (pair) 1
N95 Mask 1
Deluxe First Aid Kit 1
Hygiene Kit
          Toothbrush 1
          Toothpaste 1
          Comb 1
          Washcloth 1
          Tissue (10 pack) 1
          Wet naps 6
          Shampoo 1
Toilet Paper (roll) 1
Note Pad 1
Pencil 1
Sewing kit 1
Emergency Preparedness Guide 1

It contains food, water, shelter, outdoor cooking and other supplies needed to survive outdoors in an emergency.

It’s one, but only one, of the many configurations that can be created in backpack form.


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