Aren’t You Annoyed by All These Google Ad Words That Mean Almost the Same Thing?


If you’re not, I AM!!!!

Emergency Kit, Emergency Go Kit.  Why no “Emergency Stay in One Place Kit”?


There are only a few things we need to do in any emergency

  • Stay safe at home, school or office, if we can
  • Stay safe in our vehicle, if we can
  • Stay safe somewhere else, if we must when the first two alternative won’t work

Any “kit” that can be strapped on one’s back, or carried over the shoulder is an emergency go kit, when we really must get up and GO.  The advantage of having everything needed to improve survival chances or just make one less uncomfortable in one package cannot be overemphasized.

We may have only minutes to evacuate in a dire emergency and that won’t provide us enough time to ransack our homes in a panic mode to get what we will need when we have to “bug out”.

An emergency go kit by any other name is an emergency kit or an emergency survivor kit, depending on the extent to which the kit must make up the the difference between shelter, water, food, medical supplies and tools are available from our environment or need to be supplied by us.

To learn more about emergency go kits for varying degrees of emergency situations, click the link and look at the options we have because others have thought through the “what ifs” for us.


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