School is Back in Session


The kids are back in school after a long weekend that celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  The cold snap in New England has broken and all is well, for now.

Any disruption to power or other infrastructure can occur at any time.  Our kids may be in school when a disruption occurs.  That’s why their teacher needs a school emergency kit.

We blogged about this back on December 12, 2011 under the name “classroom emergency kit”.  Please visit that post to see a picture of a typical kit or click on the link above to view the image on line along with a detailed list of its contents.

The kit contain not only first aid items, but also means of purifying and storing water, work gloves, a pry bar for unsticking stuck doors & windows, a light source, radio, and of course: toilet paper.

Hopefully your child will never experience an emergency situation at school, but if one happens, the teacher will be better prepared to deal with it if one of these school  emergency kits is handy.

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