Temporary Reprieve from Winter


We’ve taken a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.  Most of you have done the same to one extent or another.   While holiday celebrations varied depending on one’s background, religious beliefs and customs, the mild and relative calm of the weather has been a common denominator across most of the US.

As of yesterday only about 11% of the Lower 48 States had snow cover.  There are a few storms today that will drop snow in West Texas and rain most everywhere else in the South where it is sorely needed.  That same system will move up the East Coast this week depositing snow in higher elevations of the Appalachians and upstate New York and New England, with rain in the lower elevations and in Southern New York and New England.

This mild weather is good news for homeowners, state and municipal governments and travelers.  A lot of money normally spent on heat and snow removal has been saved, and only the ski resort operators and their customers are unhappy.  While no extreme cold or winter weather is on radar this week, the situation can turn on a dime.

Colder weather with snow and ice can make roads change from wide open to treacherous or impassible in a very short time.  You might leave home on a brisk sunny morning only to find yourself struggling to return home in the evening commute through ice, snow and wind.  The rapid change in weather can snarl traffic and cause accidents.  Even if not involved in one directly, you could find yourself unable to proceed for some time.

In situations where your vehicle or another is affected by these conditions, it’s helpful, almost essential to have a roadside emergency kit on board.  These kits have many useful supplies such as jumper cables, first aid kit, emergency blanket, poncho, matches, tow rope, work light, gloves and other items to help you or someone nearby to get on the road again and stay more comfortable until that can happen.

These kits are called by other names, including Automobile Kits, Car Emergency Kits, Roadside and Car Emergency Kits to name a few.  Click here to see a well-equipped roadside emergency kit.





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