What’s Playing on the Radio?


Normally we have access to more media than we can handle at one time.

At home we’re bombarded by TV, radio, Internet music & video, smart phones, etc.

When traveling we have AM, FM , music on compact discs, satellite radio, and  whatever comes in on our cell phones.

We have all this until disaster strikes.  Sometimes our car breaks down and even the battery is useless in keeping our communications links open.  Our cell phones may work for a while if there is a tower nearby, but eventually their batteries run down.  This happens more quickly with the smart phones because of all the communications they handle.

We can find ourselves stuck somewhere with no means of finding out what’s happening outside of our immediate surroundings.  That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a small portable AM / FM radio with us.

This radio will keep us connected and therefore more able to take action to protect ourselves and get us help.

Keep a radio like this with you at all times and be more safe and secure no matter what Mother Nature sends your way!

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