What’s The Weather?


We take weather forecasts and information for granted.

Why shouldn’t we?  After all, we have local weather, national weather, world weather on cable and broadcast TV channels, AM, FM, Satellite radio, the Internet and Smart Phones.  Whether at home or in our vehicle, we are accustomed to having ready access to weather information.

What happens when our infrastructure fails us during an emergency situation?

  • If our power is out at home.
  • If we are in our vehicle and the radios don’t work because of a dead battery or other malfunction.
  • If our smart phone’s battery is discharged.
  • If the only cell tower in the area fails.

You could be struck with more “ifs” that would keep you from knowing what severe weather or other hazards could affect you now or in the near future.

That’s why you need a compact emergency weather radio.

Small enough to fit in handbag, briefcase, vehicle glove box or emergency kit, this type of radio receives continuous broadcasts from National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on seven VHF channels.

NOAA’s network of transmitters covers almost every square mile of the US, Puerto Rico and other US Territories around the globe.  Broadcasts of weather and “All Hazards” alerts are customized for each area covered.

You shouldn’t leave home without one of these weather radios.

In, fact, you shouldn’t even stay home without one!

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