Get a Horse?


When your car breaks down, do you wish for a New York minute you had a horse?  I have, but then quickly realized horses are high-maintenance, too.

A breakdown is not fun, but a car emergency kit can make the experience a lot less painful because everything you need to summon help and get by until help arrives is contained in one well-organized pack.

Here are the contents of one of the better kits:

  • 1 large nylon pack
  • 8 hour light stick
  • emergency blanket
  • emergency poncho
  • 5 emergency candles
  • box of 50 waterproof matches
  • multi-tool knife
  • 5 in 1 survival whistle
  • 1 pair of work gloves
  • First Aid Kit
  • 10 tissues
  • Jumper cables
  • Emergency Triangle
  • Ice Scraper
  • Tow rope
  • 12 V work light

A car emergency kit won’t make you stop wishing for a horse, but it will make life easier until you get one!


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