Severe Weather Can Rock Your World


Hurricane Irene was just a tropical storm when it reached New England and Upstate New York back in August.  Yet, it delivered a powerful blow to the region due to heavy rains.

Many roads were washed out in Vermont and Western Massachusetts.  The Mohawk Trail [Route 2] in Western Massachusetts is still closed  between Savoy and North Adams, and is not expected to be reopened before December 15, 2011, in spite of 24 X 7 repair efforts.

Water can rise quickly, and small rivers become torrents or flood large areas in a matter of hours.  This river rose about 6 feet overnight after Irene, and over 200 acres were inundated.  Fortunately, this area dodged the bullet because the flood waters stayed just below the nearby road and bridge.  A mile upstream, however, a tributary brook washed out a road and littered an entire neighborhood with rocks, boulders and debris, isolating several homes.

Hundreds of Acres Flooded, Road Narrowly Escaped Inundation

Severe weather can strike any time, and you could find yourself stranded at home or in your vehicle.  When this happens you can be safe if you have a severe weather kit.  Severe weather kits provide essentials for weather protection, food and water, light, communications, tools and food.

Make sure you have one handy before the next sever weather event comes to your neighborhood.

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