Hypothermia – A Real and Present Danger


Winter weather has finally settled over most of the Lower 48 states.  New England is now under a deep, albeit temporary blanket of arctic air.  Many locations were at or near or below zero this morning and many struggled to get above single digits today.

No one should doubt the danger this cold weather poses in an emergency situation.  The greatest danger is hypothermia.  This condition results when the human body temperature drops below normal due to loss of body heat to the environment more rapidly than metabolic process can replenish it.  Without proper clothing, insulation or external heat source, it can lead to death.

A good emergency or survivor kit has some form of blanket included in its contents.  A typical blanket is made of highly reflective material on a thin but resilient plastic substrate, and its often referred to as a solar blanket because of its’ highly reflective coating.

The emergency blanket listed among the contents of this representative emergency kit is a typical emergency blanket, although it is referred to here by its’ other common name, the solar blanket.

An Emergency Blanket is a must for every emergency kit.  Measuring 52” x 84”, this solar blanket retains 80% of radiant body heat.  It is made of a very thin lightweight material and folded up can even fit comfortably in a pocket.  Retaining this much body heat significantly increases your odds of avoiding hypothermia.

You don’t need to buy the whole kit just to get the protection of the blanket, but the kit or one like it is a great investment in tipping the odds of surviving an emergency in your favor.

Is your life worth more than dinner for two at a moderately priced restaurant?  If you were to die just once, it would ruin your whole day for a long time.

Think about it.  Do what you must to stay safe and warm.


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