Safe at the Office?


Our work location is an important part of our lives.  Many of us spend eight or more hours a day, five or more days a week in the office.  Given the amount of time spent there, it should not be surprising that the office is a location where we may find ourselves in an emergency situation.

Fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or civil unrest may make it advisable or necessary for us to stay in our office for a while.  Even minor damage can cause doors to jam and elevators to fail.  If we find ourselves in such a situation, an office emergency kit is a good thing to have handy.

There may be damage, such as broken glass or parts of the ceiling or furniture that need to be moved.  Work gloves are essential to minimize danger of injury.  If power fails, a crank-powered flashlight / radio and matches & candles keep us from being totally in the dark.  Duct tape is always useful but may not be found in the office, except in the kit.

Water may be available, for a while, so the water storage bottle in the kit can be filled.  If there are questions about the water’s safety,  water purification tablets can be added to the storage bottle to provide another layer of safety from water borne pathogens.

A first-aid kit is essential for dealing with minor injuries that often occur in situations that cause us to be stuck at the office.

Something as simple as a jammed door or window may be all that stands between us and exiting the premises safely.  If so, the multi-tool knife and pry bar in the kit may be just enough to free them and allow us to pass through.

Of course, having our own roll of toilet paper is always a good idea, and one is included in the kit.

We might think its our company’s job to keep us safe, and to a great extent, it is.  However, we ought to take the view that our own safety and comfort is our personal responsibility, whether at home, in our vehicle, or in the office.

Don’t leave personal safety at the office to chance or to someone else.


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