Mayhem is NOT My Friend!


OK, if I weren’t the worrying kind, I would more likely have started a blog about how to have fun no matter what’s happening around me.  Instead, I’m more focused on keeping safe at home and in my “extended” home, which includes my chariots [pickup truck & hybrid car] and at work.

An insurance company is now running ads that star a sleazy character who goes by the name “Mayhem”.  He skulks around a victim and makes sure something breaks & then says he hopes the guy didn’t by cheapo insurance from some other company.  This dude freaks me out, because he puts a face to some of my nagging fears.

That’s why I’m thinking about how to protect my little world and my family from “Mayhem”.  This is a mental “horror movie” where I try to out-think Mayhem and he tries to counter my moves.

In Scene 1 Mayhem has me in a spot where my cellphone battery is run down, no one is in sight, I can’t find my vehicle and it’s dark!  Don’t ask me how I got there, because it’s a bad dream that could happen in real life hundreds of ways.   Mayhem has me in a bad place, but I counter by pulling out my dynamo flashlight radio.

Scene 2 has me turning a little crank for a minute to charge the thing, and then listening to the radio on AM & FM, shining my light to find my way to a better place, charging my cellphone and powering a siren to attract attention.  I’m no longer panicked and am on my way out of this mess.

Mayhem is NOT my friend, and not your friend, either.  I hope you’re ready when he throws multiple threats your way.

Please share your ideas and experiences fighting Mayhem!



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