But, I’m Not Into Backpacks!


OK, not everyone is able or wants to carry a backpack full of survival stuff.  And frankly, some of us would rather have one of our friends or family do that for us, or we have our hands full of other things, especially when it’s time to “Get out of Dodge”.

Just because we aren’t all Eagle Scouts who just came of a 50 mile endurance hike doesn’t mean we don’t jog or walk or care about surviving hard times.  We still need to provide for our protection and safety and can do it “hands free”.

A fanny pack– style emergency kit is just the thing we need.

Even if we have to exit stage left on foot and running, we can still take with us what we need to:

  • Protect ourselves from rain with a poncho
  • Stay tuned to the AM / FM emergency updates
  • Light our way without worrying the batteries will run down [as long as we keep cranking]
  • Take care of cuts & scrapes with a 53 piece first aid kit
  • Wrap a blanket around us
  • Fix & cut stuff with a combination knife / tool.
  • Start a fire with waterproof matches [50 chances to get it right!]
  • Summon help with a whistle
  • Have something to eat for a day or two [how long can you survive on 2,400 calories?]
  • Have a drink of safe, packaged water [4 times]

Maybe we’re not Scouts, but who could say we’re NOT prepared?


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