Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

Many will travel and severe weather is not in the forecast in most parts of the country.  With thoughts of family and friends foremost in our minds, we should remember that emergencies can still happen.

Our vehicle can have problems, as we see when we’re on the Interstate.  There is hardly a holiday when we don’t see an auto emergency on the side of the road, waiting for the highway patrol and service vehicle.

Take the time to have the basics checked before you leave home.  Make certain your tires are OK and have the proper pressure, the battery has been checked, oil changed on time, air filter clean, wipers working, all lights working, gas tank full.  It’s amazing how many people simply run out of gas!

Get plenty of rest tonight, and stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs. Circulation is important, not only to keep you awake, but to reduce the risk of blood clots, especially in the legs.

Drive at a reasonable speed and let the other guy win the race to the next speed trap.  If you do, you’re more likely to arrive relaxed and ready to share in family fellowship and food.

We won’t be posting tomorrow, so from all of us at EmergencyHomeKitsBlog, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

And, if you get bored with the game, you may want to check out some of our emergency kits.   All of them make useful gifts for the Holidays, whether it’s an automobile emergency kit, survivor kit, or a stocking stuffer like our NOAA Weather Radio or Dynamo Flashlight Radio.

Come back and see us after the holiday.  Stay safe with us!


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