Black Friday


Well, you survived Thanksgiving.  So far so good.

However, today marks the start of the marathon portion of the holiday shopping season.  Because so many retailers traditionally have their earnings go from loss to positive [in the black]  on this first shopping day after Thanksgiving, it has earned the name “Black Friday”.

It should be called Black Friday for another reason.  The crowds start assembling the evening before in front of stores, and some stay all night just to be among the first to lunge through the doors when they open, hoping they will be the lucky ones to grab the few really good sale items before supplies run out.

Is it any wonder people get hurt?  You don’t want to be one of them, but if you are and if you get a minor cut or scrape, be sure to have it taken care of by the store or mall’s security or management.  If they don’t offer such services, it’s good to have your own medical emergency kit.

Shop safe!





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